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Looking for Bucks in the Right Place

Roy from Texas came up with his hunting buddy Ray hoping to harvest some high scoring trophy whitetail bucks.  They were looking for bucks and were not disappointed.  They came across our website, just as you have, and after looking around, decided to book their hunt.

“Found out about Apple Creek Whitetails on the internet and their website caught my interest and my buddy’s interest to come up and try them out. We all came up for bucks that were unique and different.  We definitely got the bucks we were looking for.”

Already Planning Our Next Hunt

The hunting duo also enjoyed our accommodations and our staff enjoyed meeting them both.  Our staff is committed to serving you before during and even after your hunt.  We’ll try our best to fit in with your schedule and even have an onsite taxidermist if you would like us to mount your trophy.  Ray and Roy had such a good time, they are already planning their next visit to Apple Creek Whitetails.

“Staff was excellent, nice and easy going!  The cooking was awesome and we had a great time at the ranch.  The accommodations were excellent and we enjoyed our stay.  We are planning and looking forward to coming back up to Apple Creek Whitetails for this upcoming hunting season!”

We strive to provide a first class, 5-Star experience to every hunter who visits our hunting preserve.  Book your hunt today for the best availability and bring along a friend.  Who knows, you might even run in to these hunting buddies from Texas!

301-330 looking for bucks this buck was harvested at Apple Creek Whitetails in Wisconsin

Roy from Texas Harvested this 317 Inch and Ray a 284 Inch Whitetail

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