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I made my first hunt at Apple Creek Whitetails the second year they were open. While browsing through an ad in an SCI publication, something about this hunting ranch stood out to me. So, almost on a whim, I called and talked to Chad and booked my hunt.

It was a 5-star experience that first time as well as the next three times I have returned!

Apple Creek Whitetails Cares about the Hunter

Apple Creek Whitetails is not only an amazing hunting ranch with incredible trophy bucks, it is also a collection of amazing people. Over the years, Apple Creek Whitetails has supported my Louisiana non-profit fishing tournament, Swollfest, which helps provide disabled veterans and children with outdoor experiences of a lifetime.

Two years ago we brought a young teenage huntress, Cassidy, recovering from childhood cancer up to Apple Creek Whitetails.  This was truly a dream come true for Cassidy and her grandmother, who joined to be a part of this great experience.  Our huntress harvested a 287″ whitetail trophy buck! This was the first time in a long time Cassidy was able to smile and genuinely stay happy for three days without worrying about all the things a young girl should never have to worry about. Because of this kindness and generosity, they’ll have fond memories of Apple Creek Whitetails for years to come.

5-star Wisconsin Hunting

It’s not just the location and lodging that is 5-star, the people, management, and customer service are also 5-star.  Apple Creek Whitetails pays attention to all the little details making sure your experience is memorable.  Over the years I have recommended many people to Apple Creek Whitetails and they have all come back with the same feelings about this amazing hunting preserve.

Ultimately, Apple Creek Whitetails is a special place for many reasons and I am always looking for an excuse to head back North to Wisconsin.  5-star location, people, management, and customer service make sure I will return soon to this 5-star Wisconsin hunting preserve.  Thanks for all the great memories!

Nick – Louisiana

Cassidy from Louisiana Harvested this 287 Inch Monster Whitetail


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