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Frequently Asked Questions



What Should I Bring?
  • Weapon of your choice (Bow / Gun) For Rifle – Not less than a .243 rifle, zeroed in at 100 yards at our own private shooting range
  • Ammunition, optics, and hunting supplies
  • Appropriate Attire – hunting gear, rain and/or snow suits, and warm clothing
  • Personal Items – medicine, electronics, reading material, etc.
  • Cooler – If you wish to transport your venison home
Where are You Located?

Apple Creek Ranch is nestled on a a 1,500 acre hunting preserve in the northeast region of Wisconsin, close to the town of Gillett, WI, just outside of the Menomonee Reservation. If driving to our ranch, our address is 14109 County Rd. VV, Gillett, WI 54124.   We also provide free transport to and from our local airports in Green Bay and Appleton, both about 45 minutes from our location.  If chartering or flying a private plane, the Shawano Municipal Airport is located only about 15 minutes from our ranch.

What if I Don't Want my Venison?

We have a Hunt for the Hungry program set up in Gillett that will take all of the Venison and disperse it to the needy in the local community.

What is the Ranch Policy Concerning Alcohol?

While Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch does not offer or sell any alcohol or beer, we have no issues with you bringing your own.  However, please note that for safety reasons, alcohol consumption of any kind will end your hunting for that day.


Do I Need a Hunting License?

No license is required to hunt at Apple Creek, however, prior to any hunting, you will be required to proficient shooting skills at our rifle range.  The range is lighted in the even you arrive at night and wish to hunt the next day.

Day One
NOON – 2:00pm Arrival
12:30pm – 2:30pm Unpack and shoot your weapon at our gun range
1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch
2:30pm – Dusk One-on-One Guided Hunting
6:30pm – 9:00pm Dinner
Days Two & Three
5:00am Wake up time
5:30am Light Breakfast
6:00am – 9:00am One-on-One Guided Hunting
10:00am Country Brunch at Lodge
11:00am – 2:00pm Leisure Time
2:30pm – Dusk One-on-One Guided Hunting
6:30pm – 9:00pm Dinner
Day Four
5:00am Wake up time
5:30am Light Breakfast
6:00am – 9:00am One-on-One Guided Hunting (if needed)
10:00am Country Brunch at Lodge
10:30am Checkout and Departure

Honor Code

What if I don't get my Buck?

It is the intention of Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch to provide the hunter, our guest, a reasonable opportunity to harvest whitetail bucks of the caliber advertised. A deers harvest is not guaranteed. You will be charged $250/day if you do not end up drawing blood/hair or harvesting a deer during your hunt. If you are unsuccessful, you can transfer your remaining deposit for the next years hunt. In the event a deer is wounded, the obligation of Apple Creek Whitetails is met. Every reasonable attempt will be made to recover a wounded deer by our hunting guides and staff.




Who Determines if I Should Take a Shot?

Your personal hunting guide will actively score up the whitetail bucks to determine if they are in your hunting class prior to you taking a shot. You must receive approval from the guide before any shot is taken. If your guide over-scores your buck, you do not pay the higher class rate, and likewise if your guide underscores your buck you will pay the lower class rate. 

Is Alcohol use Allowed During my Hunt?

Safety is the utmost important factor for any of our hunts. Alcohol consumption of any kind, although allowed, will end your hunting for that day. Be sure to follow our instructions and rules provided by our guides for an unforgettable hunting and harvesting experience to be remembered forever.


May I Bring a Guest with Me?

Absolutely! Your guest will be required to share your room, and there will be an additional $250 per night charge for your guest as well.

How is the Hunting Lodge?

Our state of the art, yet rustic, hunting lodge offers the amenities of a 5-Start Hotel, in the middle of our beautiful hunting preserve.  Our lodge offers 6 individual bedrooms, each with it’s own private bathroom.  Enjoy the football game in any of our three spacious lounges while sitting by a roaring fire.  If you feel like playing a game, our rec room comes complete with darts, card tables, pool tables, and more.  If you feel like enjoying our beautiful views, we have three amazing outdoor decks located throughout our lodge.   Our lodge was professionally designed with you in mind and we look forward to hosting you in this amazing place.

Are Meals Included?

Yes, from the moment you arrive until you leave, we will do our best to make your stay as memorable and comfortable as possible. This includes feeding you!  Our chefs will prepare homemade meals and snacks throughout your stay in our own private restaurant located in our main hunting lodge, and with the exception of the praise for our record setting bucks, the praise for our food is legendary.

Mistakes Made When
Choosing a Hunting Ranch

Poor Customer Service

Many deer hunters find themselves at a place that does not put any emphasis into customer service. Be sure your desired hunting outfitter is assigning you to a personal hunting guide that you have for your entire trip. The last thing you want to do is show up to an every man for himself free-for-all hunting operation.

Here at Apple Creek Whitetails we spend quality time with each of our clients and seek to meet all of their hunting needs by focusing not only on putting you on the buck of your dreams, but also seeking excellence in the smallest detail. Perhaps this is why we are one of the highest rated ranches, and have the largest social media following when compared to any other whitetail hunting ranch in the world! 

Canned Hunts

It goes without saying that many high fence hunting ranches have the stereotype of providing canned hunts. Sadly, this is true in many cases. Many high fence whitetail hunting operations provide a “pen-like” hunt where you can pick your whitetail buck out and have it run down to your shooting house. Yikes!

Not here at Apple Creek Whitetails. We are a 1,500 acre, single chunk of land, high fence hunting operation that is as vast as it is beautiful. From high-towering pine woods, to ceder swamps, to oak forests, we provide our clients with a hunting experience that is unsurpassed. Through quality deer management, constant monitoring of an extensive trail camera network, and providing supplements of optimal food, we are able to consistently harvest world-class deer. 


Make sure you are aware of all the fees involved with your trophy hunting trip before you sign any hunting agreements! We have had countless people come to our ranch that have horror stories to share from other places about their payment structure. Does the ranch you are going to have trophy fees, guide feeds, harvest fees, processing fees, licensing fees, and any other money grab that can be imagined? Maybe you book a hunt for a low price up front, only to find out your trip was as deceptive as a budget airline when it comes to additional charges.

Now, here at Apple Creek Whitetails we are up-front with the total actual cost of the hunt. We charge a $1,000 deposit, and the final payment for your hunt is not due until your departure from the ranch, after you harvested a monster whitetail buck! Additionally, we don’t have any sort of “fee” structure.

The harvest price is your all-inclusive rate for your trip. This includes: savory meals, 5-star lodging, one on one guide service, meat packaging, airport pickup and drop off, and range time! Forget about those other places that charge you 50% or even 100% up front without guaranteeing anything – if you hunt with us at Apple Creek Whitetails and don’t get a buck, you are only charged $250 per night and your remaining deposit can be moved to an alternative hunting date within a year! We don’t believe you will find many other places with a similar policy. 

Is the Venison Safe to Eat?

Be sure to know if your venison is safe for consumption before you decide on a trip! Many people will go on a high fence hunting trip assuming it is obvious that they can bring their venison home with them, only to find that the deer they harvested was medically treated and their venison is now not safe for consumption and must be thrown away. What a waste! 

Here at Apple Creek Whitetails we believe that our hunters trophy does not end at the antlers, but rather we encourage our hunters to keep their venison as well. During your hunting trip here you will be presented with an array of samples and different concepts for how we use venison in our cooking. If you decide you want your meat processed either on-site or at one of our meat processing partner facilities the same way in which we served it to you we have you covered as well!

Safety is also our number one priority when it comes to handling our hunters meat, which is why we are a licensed meat processing facility, in addition to maintaining a licensed restaurant in our hunting lodge. We also do not engage in any medical treatment practices on our deer that could compromise the suitability of the meat to our hunters. 

The Old Bait and Switch

When you are booking a hunting trip, make sure the pictures you saw online are an accurate representation of the place you are going to be staying at, and not just some $5 stock photo they got off the internet. Unfortunately, we have had many clients share such experiences where they show up to a lodge described as being a luxury resort, only to find they got stuck in some second-hand shack that has a single communal bathroom and microwavable dinners.

Although many people enjoy some “rustic” aspects to a whitetail hunting trip, we decided that there should be no compromises when it comes to our lodging facilities. It goes without saying, we advertise a 5-star hunting lodge, and you will be met with nothing less upon your arrival. We encourage you to set your standers high before you come, we will surpass them.

Be sure to see the 3-D walk-through of our main hunting lodge, private cabin, and hillside hideaway. Everything you see in the walk-through is accurate, and if something breaks or gets worn down it is immediately replaced. You deserve only the highest class of lodging facilities when coming to Apple Creek Whitetails.

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